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Surgery Traveling

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Hi, Nicole. I can’t speak for accommodations at Mayo Arizona, but I can tell you my experience from Mayo Rochester. My husband had a prostatectomy this past December 16 and I was his caretaker. We live in South Carolina and had to be sure he was “out of the woods” and able to travel before returning home. We wound up staying from December 13 to January 4. (Due to some complications with healing his catheter removal was bumped from one week removal to two week removal. We wound up staying an extra week longer than we anticipated.) We chose a hotel with an efficiency kitchen connected to the Mayo Complex (The Kahler Inn and Suites). I was always close to the clinic, could use wheelchair to get him from our room to first follow-up appointments without using car or shuttle. There were multiple sources for meals within walking distance, but I also had groceries delivered to our room (drinks, fresh fruit, snacks, bread/sandwich, etc.) While he was hospitalized I could safely walk from hospital to motel room no matter the time of night or day. I could easily make multiple trips from room to hospital/clinic and back as needed without needing a car or shuttle. Here are some things to consider:

1) Do you need to stay close to the medical facility after surgery? Would you and your caregiver feel safer staying very close or connected to the hospital/clinic?
2) Do you plan on getting all your meals from an outside source or would you rather prepare some meals in the room? Would you need a full-size kitchen or will a microwave, coffee pot, and mini-fridge serve your needs?
3) How mobile will you be after surgery? Do you need to consider wheelchair transport and accessibility? If so, will the accommodations be wheelchair friendly and do they provide a wheelchair free of charge or will you need to arrange for one from another source?
4) Do you have a set time that you will stay? (short-term monthly rates vs nightly rates)
5) Is there a laundry facility on-site? (TAKE QUARTERS WITH YOU TO OPERATE WASHER/DRYER..trust me, get several rolls before you leave.)
6) Do they provide free wi-fi?
7) What services are important to your after-surgery caregiver?

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I’m hopeful that someone who has used Mayo Arizona will give you advice. Consult with your caregiver on what would be most important feature for him/her. We looked at short-term condo rentals, but honestly we would have been on our own. I can’t tell you how many times I was SO thankful we chose to stay close to the clinic, restaurants, pharmacy plus had a wonderful hotel staff to help. The compassion and care they offered got me through. They are used to seeing the aftermath of medical procedures and were great at delivering things we didn’t foresee (sharps container, wheelchair brought to the room, helping me push the wheelchair up an incline when returning from the clinic appointment, faxing work-related materials, and changing his sheets twice in one day on one occasion.)

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@that_girl, Thank you for sharing this helpful information from your firsthand experience. I hope that your husband continues to do well.
You have, in these few words, been able to provide comfort and support to others as they begin their own medical treatment journey far from home. And as you know, that compounds an already frightening situation.

I would like to welcome you to Connect, where we share, support, and ask questions. I invite you to look at some of our discussions and to join in where you feel comfortable.

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