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Hi Dany -- I can relate to your itch problem. It is worse when I go to bed and try to settle down, then have to scratch here and there and everywhere! I have found very small hard bumps on my skin especially my hands, arms and legs. When I touch one of them, they itch too. I also have diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure and fibromyalgia. Maybe it's a combo of these diseases???? I am with you in that I really don't think doctors care one way or the other about itching unless it's accompanied by red rashes or hives or some visable thing. Maybe someone on here will have some answers for us!!! Best of luck.

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@amkaloha and @danybegood1, I know that you must both be feeling frustrated about the itching problems. I have found this Mayo Clinic link about itching skin. I hope that you might learn something as it pertains to you that you will be able to discuss with your doctor.
Please share with us if you are able to get relief.

Rosemary - thanks so much for the reference. It was interesting. I do think that some of my itching is systemic--maybe the different kinds of diseases or conditions I have or the drugs I take! I know I get poison ivy and sumac/oak if I even look at it!! And I also break out from lotions and topical creams that are supposed to soothe it. No doctor has ever taken this condition seriously, except when I bloomed with a poison ivy rash all over me, then it was prednisone -- shots, pills and creams.

@rosemarya,@amkaloha, thank you so very much. Its nice to have someone to itch with.  I will definitely try out that website. I hear Sarna is good, i will try that next.