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For a number of years I took generic brand thyroid meds and numbers were up and down. After reading that generic meds (though doctors and pharmacists often disagree) can vary enough to alter numbers, I asked my doctor to put me on a name brand drug. After taking name brand for over 8 years, my numbers have stayed stable and I haven't needed a dosage change. I also want to add that I feel so much better over-all healthwise since changing to name brand. This probably isn't the answer for everyone, but it made a "huge" difference for me when I changed to name brand (synthroid).

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@cherriann, I ABSOLUTELY agree! I was told years ago that generic brands are not as carefully "checked" .. that any doctor I dealt with should always specify the brand name Synthroid. I have always been careful about that. Thanks for pointing that out! Katherine

@cherriann @cherriann @katemn I've heard the same thing about generic drugs. Being a natural born cheapskate I will usually opt for generic. However when it comes to thyroid I have never had a generic but have been either on Armour, Synthroid or Nature-Throid, all of which are old, established brand name drugs. From time to time I will add an iodine supplement to my regimen, and because it is crucial to the thyroid gland, I may be forcing the numbers up and down with my throid trying to figure out what I'm doing. If anyone has any experience with iodine supplementation and its affect on T4, T3 of TSH I'd like very much to hear it. Thanks guys.