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Dear @jimana .. I know zero about "switch me from Synthroid to Nature-Throid, a natural product instead of synthetic" but when I was diagnosed with a serious lung disease (MAC) my TSH varied .. PLUS my TSH has been all over the map over the years .. I have been on Synthroid from 88mg to 125mg daily!
So in case it might help you .. I have copied from my File Cabinet the below info .. hope it does a bit of good! Katherine

I can only speak to the Synthroid portion. I have been on Synthroid since my 40's and made the BIG mistake of allowing my Internist to test and prescribe my Synthroid. BIG mistake. My TSH has been all over the map over the years .. I have been on Synthroid from 88mg to 125mg daily!

I have since learned that thyroid tests/levels can absolutely look "normal" and you can have all kinds of symptoms. I finally had the smarts to seek out an Endocrinologist at a teaching hospital who was MUCH more well versed in the nuances of Hypothyroidism .. I am now on not only Synthroid but also Cytomel (which is T3 daily). It has made a difference. If you are not currently seeing a good Endocrinologist .. that would be my first step if I was you. Wish I had done that long ago.

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@katemn Thank you so much for your input. I believe your suggestion about the Endocrinologist is the very best thing I can do right now. I've done a lot or reading on thyroid physiology lately but still have no definitive answer. Interesting thing though, I was found in a basal metabolism test in 1957 to have very low metabolism and they gave be a small bottle of Armour thyroid (natural, desiccated, porcine). I took the 30 pills and never did another thing (never went to a doctor) for 33 years until 1990. As far as I can tell no harm was done by doing without meds. Then I had a blood test and they put me on Synthroid and it's been fine until my change to Nature-Throid. The point of that long story is this: if I could go 33 years without any thyroid meds and do fine, just how important can it be to jump through all kinds of hoops to make sure the numbers are where the statistical averages say they ought to be. I'm 80 years old, healthy as a horse except for infrequent A-fib and have so much energy I'm bouncing off the walls and feel better than I did when I was 40. Go figure.

@jimana, I might also add that my husband has Afib so I have done a bit of reading about it .. it is nothing to fool around with .. REALLY increases your risk of heart issues! Have you had it checked out? My husband has an excellent Cardiologist who put him on Eliquis 2.5mg-2x day due to the heart issue risks. Just a thought. Katherine

Thanks, Katherine. Yes, I have been checked out. I was in the ER on Dec 7 with serious A-Fib and my Flecianide was increased because of that event. And the electrocardiologist said I need to be on a blood thinner so I am on 2.5 MG Eliquis. Ironically, my wife and I wound up in the same ER, both for A-Fib on the SAME DAY.

@jimana, WOW! Attitude of gratitude! At least I don't have Afib! Perhaps other things .. but so far I can count that one out! That must have been scary! Katherine