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Esophagus issues

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Hello @brie87144 Thank you for your recent post about your swallowing issues. I can understand your frustration in having difficulties and being given a lot of information that is not easy to understand. That is most frustrating! We have a number of members of Mayo Connect who have discussed swallowing problems, so as you read through some of their posts you might be helped a little. As Mayo Connect is an online patient support community, we are not able to make diagnoses nor to interpret test results. That must be left to your doctor. From what you have said in your post, your doctor is not able to tell you more until he/she does some more testing, which means more waiting (that must be why they call us patients – we need a lot of patience!). However, I urge you to hang in there and read some of the posts here about swallowing problems and see if your doctor or his nurse may be able to help you sort out some of the information that they have obtained so far. Here is some information from Mayo’s website about dysphagia, that might be helpult to you in the meantime http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/dysphagia/basics/definition/con-2003344. Keep in touch and let us know of your progress. Teresa

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Thank you. I wasn’t asking for a diagnosis. Just kinda looking for some understanding. I know anything that I would get here may not pertain to my case or tell me what’s happening. I just was looking for it to be “dumbed down” sorry can’t think of another way to say it lol. I asked the nurse but I’m not sure she should be a nurse sadly. Only time I’ve ever thought that. But she couldn’t explain anything and didn’t know about any of it. Not sure why but after speaking with her a few times I thought it was better off not talking to her because it made everything worse I won’t be back until April which I see my dr again after all these tests to hopefully understand what’s going on. I just can’t understand what these are saying at all or what part isn’t working by reading these. Sorry about the info I posted and asked about. I can delete it

@brie87144 No apology needed. You are looking for some help and we all understand being in the place where you are right now. From what I understand you to say, you have some other tests before your appointment in April – is that correct? If that is the case, just take it one test at a time and then before you go for your appointment make a list of the questions you have for the doctor and see that you get all of your questions answered before you leave. It is so important that we be our own advocates for our health care. it is imperative that we understand our health issues (or ask questions until we do understand) . Don’t forget that a second opinion is always OK. Teresa

Brie, your post was of value to me, thank you for sharing.

Thank you @pattitoo. I’m glad it had value for you. It’s super frustrating to deal with and hope you aren’t dealing with to much

I came across this article for those with Esophagus issues.