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@chapmanswife Hello and welcome to Mayo Connect. I’m so sorry to learn of your husband’s diagnosis and I agree, “waiting is torture.” I am sorry to hear that your friends and family are not being empathetic at this time. Some folks just don’t know how to respond and/or feel that saying something is better than just being there for you. Be sure that you take care of yourself during this time. We have a caregivers group here at Mayo Connect @IndianaScott is the volunteer mentor of the group. He will probably be in touch with you and give you an opportunity to meet with other caregivers of family members who are dealing with serious illnesses. Please know that you can always find a “listening ear” here at Mayo Connect! Ask any questions and feel free to vent here. Mayo Connect also has a cancer group and I’ll tag @colleenyoung who can put you in touch with that group. Best wishes. Teresa

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Thank you Teresa! I look forward to hearing from others and their experiences!