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@peach414144 I am like you, Peach. I stay away from the pain medications. It seems that the more you take, the more you need. And when you try to stop taking them, the pain is even more excruciating. I understand some people need it. I, however, have only taken them for a day or two after surgery. Then I stop. Not to be gross, but they also constipate me and that is just an awful feeling. I have enough to deal with! I swim two to three times a week, I try to walk, I listen to up-beat music, I count at least 5 blessings every day, I sleep on a Thermapedic mattress, I take warm jetted baths, I go to physical therapy when I need it, and I pray. I am by no means all sunshine and smiles every day! Some days I get extremely mad and frustrated at the pain and my circumstances. I allow myself a day in bed or some time to vent and be angry. Then I start putting one foot in front of the other again and try to fight the good fight. The answers to pain are different for all of us. I, personally, would be so willing to try medical marijuana, but it is illegal in my state. If it does become available, that is one pain remedy I would try.

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you are right blindeyepug.  the intestinal tract is compromised.   especially with sjorgrens which drys more than the eyes and mouth.  it can be deadly when the stool is hard like rocks.  have experienced this personally.