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Mine won’t let me suffer…I’m just so tired of trying things that don’t work via injection. The back injections didn’t work but I did have about 10 neck injections on Tuesday and it’s REALLY helping. I’m in NYC so I have an endless supply of doctors here. I wish you did too! @djfd

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thank you for sharing. on another note, it’s not the quantity of doctors, it is the QUALITY. it is easy to give up. every time i do i am right back up again. what else is new? try, try again. don’t let the doctors treat you as a ginie (can’t spell) pig. they make good money that way. i thank the fact that there are still the “good” doctors out there. rambling on and on. for what it’s worth, enjoy, turn on a movie. just watched “deep water horizon” WOW!.

Welcome to Connect, @asf1234,

Thank you so much for sharing your insights. It’s so true that getting the right healthcare provider, doctor, someone you can “call your own” is such a significant decision. And often, as so many Connect members have shared, we have to look for treatments beyond medication.

@asf1234, may I ask what other autoimmune issues you face?