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I after more than 25 years was diagnosed finally with psoriatic arthritis. It started out as me having rash on face and ER doctor said it it was classic book lupus and sent me to an internal med at the clinic I was in. She said on no (without any testing) it was just fibromyalgia. I just kept getting worse and she just increased pain meds, that did not help and refused to send me to a rhemotologist ( sorry about spelling). She sent me to a neologist that did MRI of head and said everything was normal, even though I had a large Tumor in my nasal cavity, he said nothing about it.
Finally she retired and new PC sent me to rhemotologist and I spent six hours in her office and within two weeks was given the diagnosis of PSA with lupus tendonsies. Was put on methotrexate but had to stop because it was causing liver issues. Finally got approved for Otezla and am on started pack. Can't take humeral or the similar stuff because of skin cancer. All delayed treatment has caused me to have chronic iritis in both eyes and might go blind. Can't do anything that I loved to do even cook a holiday meal, I used to make totally homemade Rubens for my husband's b-day because his b-day is on Saint Patties day. I have now also developed an adrenal Tumor and adrenal indofitionsy, plus have heart issues and am only fifty. My husband helps me as much as he can but he has back and neck issues that the VA won't help him with (he is ex-navy). Plus I still have issues that have not been diagnosed. It seems that if you are not rich nobody cares.

I feel for you and hope you are with a team of doctors that will work together and that you trust. We just moved to east TX because we lost our jobs running a ranch because of our medical problems even though they knew about it nine years ago when they hired us and this is all we could afford. It needs a lot of work that we can't do or afford but brought us closer to Houston where we are hoping to get better medical càre. A new pair of glasses only last me about a month and a half and insurance only covers one pair a year. They just put me on a cane, wear braces on both wrists and have to use hearing aids.

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Sorry to hear of your struggle. It took more than 10 years to get a Dx. I am taking Cymzia, Tramadol and Meloxicam with Prednisone for flare ups. I also have developed Heart Disease, Sjogrens and IBS as a consequence. I also have cataracts and hearing loss, all as consequences to the PsA. My manual dexterity is shot. You could get some tips from an Occupational Therapist about assistive devices. I also do water aerobics twice weekly. Good luck and don't give up.

Thank you again for your compassionate response to my call for help.lemdjm

I appreciate the helpful information that you sent. Thank you so much for taking your time to offer assitance.lemdjm

correct. it is all in the MONEY.

i am in the same state of health. the conclusion i have come to is: learn the language of the countries that have the free health care systems and move there. why we here in america cannot have the same care? no wonder some of these countries laugh at us. what a world. i have wonderful health coverage and am not wealthy and am still treated badly. still i think quite a large percentage of doctors today are in it only for the money. i have had a few tell me so. bad attitudes! this country has changed in many ways.

Not all of us have the money to move to another country, believe me, I would if able and could afford,. I can not even hold silverware anymore, dry sandwiches suck, and husband is also disabled. Psoriatic arthritis is not my only issue, I am going to go blind unless they find a new med because what this has done to my eyes, o can not take most drugs because I have skin cancer, check your facts before you tell everyone to move unless you are willing to pay for us no-income (because we can't anymore) to move, then I'm on board.

@djfd. So very sorry you are having such problems, and at such a young age. It must be very scary and frustrating. I have several conditions also. It all started about 17 years ago for me. I totally understand where you're coming from when you state that unless you have money, no one seems to care! In addition to my own health issues, I care for my mother who has Alzheimer's. Many government agencies I have contacted to try to get some help make me feel like the old and ill are just a waste of money and should just hurry up and die. But my act of defiance is to keep on living the best life I can and helping my mom do the same! I know it is difficult, but keep putting one foot in front of the other. You are important. You are special. Your life matters! I am on antidepressants and find they really help. I also do water exercises two to three times a week. The buoyancy in the water is so helpful, and I bet it could really help you and your husband. I also listen to up beat music, remind myself each day of at least five things for which I am thankful (in this hot weather, air conditioning is way up near the top of my daily list), and try to keep moving. By the way, welcome to Texas. I pray you are able to find some really good doctors in Houston or Dallas or wherever is closest to you. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. Keep up the good fight!

i was not wanting anyone to move to another country. i was just using an example of health care in other countries. i myself cannot afford to move there as well. and i do feel for you for one reason i am going blind as well with glaucoma and macular degeneration. sorry if i upset you. good luck.