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Cricoid Chondrosarcoma

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Jeff, I could maybe do a little Bob Dylan 😉 I was recently back at Mayo for my annual CT scan, and all is good! As a result, my next scan will be in 2 years instead of 1. I also had a consult with Dr Bayan who specializes in voice disorders to see if anything could be done to improve the quality of my voice; she did not feel there were any great options that would be worth the risk of compromising my airway. It was worth checking out, though. Hope all is well with you! -Deb

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Deb, I am so happy for you that your CT scan was all good and you are 2 years out from the next. My voice consult yielded the same answer. I was actually more interested in the breathing aspect given I was a marathon runner. The consensus was that the paralyzed vocal cord was in a great position to allow the functional one to open and close which provided total functionality. The risk in trying to open the airway could easily compromise swallowing, breathing and talking. I chose to keep it blocking 50% of my airway and learning to deal with it. Good news is that I am still running shorter distances, but all good! I never could sing anyway, my priest actually asked me to not sing in church way before I was diagnosed.