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Cricoid Chondrosarcoma

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Hi Julie, You are post surgery and that's fantastic! I'm glad you found @jeffk and me; I know how hard it is to find someone with this specific condition. jeffk was a lifeline for me when I had a lot of questions. How are you doing now? Where and with whom and what surgery did you have? -Deb

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Julie, we are members of a very small and special family of thriver's. Please let Deb and I know how you re doing and all of your concerns and questions. We would very much want to share our learning's and experiences. The good news is that we made it through the unending overwhelming question of will we really ever get the trach out? We both did and Deb did it in record time. Let us know how we can help. God Speed! Wish you a speedy recovery. Jeff

Hi Deb and @jeffk , my surgery was a tracheal resection for cricoid chondrosarcoma, Stage 1 and 2, at University Hospitals in Cleveland. It all happened so fast that I didn't do any research about best hospitals, so I was very fortunate to have an amazing surgeon (Dr. N. Scott Howard) and surgical team. Eight day hospital stay; trach removed two weeks after surgery. I can manage a soft whisper in a quiet room. Working with a speech pathologist to get off the dysphagia diet. My next surgery is in mid-March to reposition my vocal chord and hopefully get my voice back. Hoping for a nice alto singing voice. Thank you again and enjoy your day!