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Cricoid Chondrosarcoma

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Hi Jeff, I’ve been back for checks weekly, so they change out the trach at my visits. It seems I’ve had a very similar experience to you.
Yes, one vocal cord is paralyzed, so my voice has been compromised for some time. But some voice is better than no voice at all.
My surgery was on April 4. I’ve also had a big neck brace that holds my head in a flexed position with chin down since my trachea was rotated to limit stress on the surgical area, but that comes off in a few days.
Do you need any additional procedures at this point? You must be about 6 months post surgery. Do you feel you’ve recovered completely yet?
Thank you for your continued messages and support! I really appreciate it!

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Yes six months past my major surgery.  Had a few setbacks along the way and had the trach in for 4 months.The good news is that I am back at work, breathing, eating and talking.As the doctor says my new normal.  I asked him to make sure that my c voice ended up between Luther and Barry.  He did good I can talk.  Have a great day.  

Hello, Hope this finds you well on your way to recovery. Just wanted to check in to see how you are progressing? Remember the trach will come out and it will be one of the happiest days of your life. Jeff

Hi Jeff,
I see my surgeon tomorrow to check progress and I’m hoping for a good report! I really appreciate your support and input as it is nearly impossible to find good information on trach care management from a patient perspective. I don’t feel they stressed enough the importance of humidification. I am looking forward to celebrating the day it’s gone and hope it is soon!

Hello Deb, I wanted to check in to see how much progress you are making. I hope your recovery is generating positive results. I know how hard it is and your positive attitude will see through it. Let me know how you are. Jeff