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Hi Joyce,
I’m so sorry to hear that you are experiencing such pain 3 months after your colon resection. I’m bringing @starrlight @sallyg @nannytart and @travelgirl into this discussion to see if they have some advice to share. It is painful to not have had a bowel movement. How long has it been since you’ve had one? Are you drinking plenty of fluids?

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I had a bowel movement yesterday and everyday since surgery. The stomach started today. It comes and goes but has not quit and I haven’t had a bowl movement yet

sorry to hear of your stomach issue, i have the opposite have several bowel movements per day, have you tried dried apricots, prune juice etc. as far as the pain i am very thankful have not had any thus far, will certainly keep you in my prayers for relief. what do you use for pain?


Drink at least a quart a day. Drinks with no sugar, but has electrolytes help a ton. I take opioids for pain, but that causes constipation. I find orange juice helps with potty issues. God bless, I am 5 years bouncing with constipation and found still softener after every meal helps
Doctor said it is too much, but his rear end isn't in pain as mine is. Like God said, he will help those who also help themselves.
Best Wishes, and keep those little things that perk you up going.

Hi Collen, I've had a bowel obstruction emergency surgey( I had bowel obstruction symptoms for the first three months but I thought it was just pregnancy so I didn't check until it's gotten late and had to have a surgery) and had a ostomy on June 2019 (I was 8 months pregnant, my baby boy died 11 hours after he was born 😢). After they've taken the biopsy, it said possibility of Crohn's disease. However, I didn't believe it for I've had no symptoms. Now, it's almost a year after my bowel resection. Everything was perfect. Recently, I've started noticing some mucus in my stool and I somtimes feel pain in the resection area. I'm so worried I don't want it to be Crohn's. I think I'll do a colonoscopy and take a biopsy to check. What do you think???

Hello I just registered and not sure how to navigate site yet. I wish to get feedback on some symptoms I just recently started having. Had bowel surgery due to scar tissue adhesions 11/13/20. I have been taking Linzess and a stool softener to keep things moving along. Years ago I had gastric bypass surgery which I believe caused the adhesions. Anyway I have been able to eat with no problems that is until 1/15/21. All of a sudden my inner stomach feels tender and sore inside as if I just had surgery. Sharp pain in lower left bottom stomach and passing gas doesn’t seem to relieve it. For a couple of days my right side near liver was extremely tender inside and when pressed on. I cannot sleep on my stomach or sides only on my back. Anyway experiencing this?