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Hello @mompiano, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. PMR can definitely keep a person from doing pretty much anything when the disease is active and you are in pain. It took me 3-1/2 years to taper off of prednisone for my first occurrence of PMR and 1-1/2 years the second time. My rheumatologist did tell me that a small percentage of people are not able to taper completely off and do keep taking a smaller dosage. You mentioned you have been trying to wean off of prednisone this past year. When were you diagnosed with PMR and started on prednisone?

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Diagnosed with PMR in May 2020 after suffering for several months with occasional courses of prednisone. Had 13 blood tests to diagnose the cause for everything from Lyme's to lupus to Dengue Fever. Finally sent to a rheumatologist who concluded it was PMR.

I was started on 10MG of prednisone in May which has been slowly reduced to 6MG presently and ultimately 5 MG in mid October. At about the 7 MG dosage, I started feeling some pain, but not distracting. However, I am Type II diabetic and also have hypertension. Both my Blood glucose and blood pressure had gone out of control and after adjusting those medications, it seems BP and BG are now normal after some scary symptoms.

I joined this discussion group after reading this can be a long term condition. I was expecting maybe one year of treatment and then PMR would go away, but the stories shared indicate it can last years and return. I am 72 and led a very active lifestyle. Since PMR, I have to force myself to get things done.

Are there any alternatives to prednisone that work without the side effects? I have read that CBD oil helps, but cannot find any research that backs up the claims. I live in Colorado where CBD oil and cannabis are legal, but am skeptical about effectiveness. I p!an to discuss with my rheumatologist and wanted some feedback before that happens in November.

I wish you all the very best, Bob

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