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@dreamer38 I, too, have bumped my prednisone up and down. I’m tapering down from 15mgs. My neurologist knows that it’s going to be hard and she said to go at my own pace. I successfully went down to 14mgs, but when I dropped to 13, it was awful. I went up to 14 again and I’m like a new person! But I’ll keep trying.
I’m sort of in the same boat as you, but my doc isn’t on vacation, she went to a new job at UT. The doctor she put me with is on maternity leave, so I’m up in the air! I’ll just slowly work my way to 10mgs and stay there.

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I know everyone is different but I got to1mg in 18 months. FYIO: I was down to 5 in a year and had to stay there for a few extra months as my numbers from my quarterly blood work had gone up. My tapering schedule was started at 20 and I went down 2 1/2 each month until I got to 10 and then went down 1 each month until 1. Stayed on 1 two extra months and after that I stopped Prednisone.. It may come back but for now I am good. I followed my Rheumatologist's tapering schedule and had quarterly blood draws and so far it worked for me plus lots of good help and encouragement from John and others on Mayo connect.

@becsbuddy...thanks for the info. How long were you on 14 mgms before you dropped to 13 and did the pain come back right away? My rheumy is back from hols and I have an appt for tmo, thank goodness! Any info you want to pass on, I would appreciate getting. Again, my thanks for replying. It is a comfort to know that there are humans out there who have this dreadful disease! One doesn’t want to complain, and it’s a real blessing to have friends who have a sense of humour!!! For that, I am so lucky. Good luck with your next dr. I notice you said ‘neurologist’ and not ‘rheumatologist’. Didn’t realize that they could handle PMR as well.