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@dreamer38 I'm sure we've all done that when we were trying to taper off or down and the pain was too much. Yes, I've bumped my prednisone up when the pain from my PMR was a little too much than I could handle. My rheumatologist was great working with me to come up with a tapering schedule. What helped is he wrote a script for 1 mg prednisone pills and I could easily add 1 mg or 1/2 mg if needed.

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@johnbishop..thanks for info, John. When you ‘bumped’ up your Prednisone, have you any idea how long you waited before ‘bumping’. I see the rheumy tmo, and I know she has talked about the handling of the pain, but truly, I don’t know how long to gauge the length of time when I must add more meds. I do like the fact that your rheumy wrote a script for 1 mg pred so you could add same if/when needed! I’m on quite a few meds and am very leery about taking more of one thing! Thanks for any wise words you can think of. When your pain was really bad, were you able to walk and did it help?

Glad you wrote about taking a small amount of predsnosone when tapping down or up John I have been meaning to do this A little goes a long way. Beryl