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Hope you manage to get the prednisone dosage reduced over the next few months. I started on 15 mg last winter and got down to 8 mg a month ago but the symptoms all started again so currently back on 9 mgs for another month. Still experiencing stiffness though in shoulders and hips so rheumatologist suggested that I start taking Methotrexate to help reduce the prednisone more effectively. Has anyone been on Methotrexate? I am loathe to go on another medication so am holding off for the time being.

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I have been on metotroxate for a year and really have had no problems. You only take it once a week and on that day, I sometimes feel tired but nothing that can’t be handled. I have giant cell arteritis which is an autoimmune disease similar to yours. I wouldn’t worry about adding it as the med is likely to help inflammation.

I am currently on methotrexate and have not had any problems I am aware of. I only take it once s week – 7 tablets. It works in conjunction with my cimzia and seems to be making a difference in my inflammation.

Thank you for the reassurance – I will probably decide to go on the methotrexate if my current dose of prednisone isn’t helping in another month’s time when I have more bloodwork. Meanwhile, I am monitoring the headaches that I have started to experience so hoping that isn’t the onset of giant cell arteritis.

Good luck to you, Paulinef! Certainly hope everything works out for you!

been on methotrexate for over 7 years. now have serious anemia (which methotrexate can do this) so now i am off methotrexate. it was good when i was on it.