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Exercise is one of the keys to PMR. I hated doing it but once you get into a routine and find one that is not too difficult or that causes more pain it’s not too bad. I bought a recumbent bike, elliptical combination and use it for 30 minutes when I first get up 5 to 6 days a week and then a few times a week I use it in the evenings for 30 minutes while watching the news. It’s easy for those that have trouble or don’t like walking because it has a larger seat and pedals so doesn’t cause joint pain. I also started using a therapy band to see if I can regain some strength in my hands, arms and shoulders.

Keep working on him to exercise!


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I am new to the group, having been diagnosed in Sep. 18. with PMR at 67.i was very healthy and walked 3-5 miles every day. Then one day when I got up from a chair I felt a stiffness in back of my thighs and I struggled a little to get started moving. Then over a few weeks the bottom fell out for me. I am still in a state of disbelief, shock, that this has happened to me. Nights are awful.

It was impossible for me to exercise. I finally felt stable enough (started 10 mg Prednisone July 19, 2021) to try 3 min on treadmill 3 x's a day..so about 10 min. I did this for 5 days. Terrible symptoms, not the full set, but back muscles very tense and aching. I talked to Rheumatologist. She said stop for a bit…too much from zero to 10 min for my body it seemed. It took me 2 weeks to get free completely of any of those effects! I marvel at those who can exercise. So far, no way. I am 77. I do have arthritis in left foot that requires prednisone shot every 3 months and my right knee is very arthritic. Also requires prednisone every 6 months or so and the gel annually. So, those also need to be in line (those joints) for me to even try to exercise. Pretty much reluctant to do any thing. JUST starting the taper this week from 10 mg to 9 mg. We will check in weekly to see when/if I can reduce further but week by week check in with my doctor. Thanks for all the good sharing here.

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