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Exercise is one of the keys to PMR. I hated doing it but once you get into a routine and find one that is not too difficult or that causes more pain it’s not too bad. I bought a recumbent bike, elliptical combination and use it for 30 minutes when I first get up 5 to 6 days a week and then a few times a week I use it in the evenings for 30 minutes while watching the news. It’s easy for those that have trouble or don’t like walking because it has a larger seat and pedals so doesn’t cause joint pain. I also started using a therapy band to see if I can regain some strength in my hands, arms and shoulders.

Keep working on him to exercise!


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I am new to the group, having been diagnosed in Sep. 18. with PMR at 67.i was very healthy and walked 3-5 miles every day. Then one day when I got up from a chair I felt a stiffness in back of my thighs and I struggled a little to get started moving. Then over a few weeks the bottom fell out for me. I am still in a state of disbelief, shock, that this has happened to me. Nights are awful.