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Hi Barbararene,
I have been meaning to write for a few days and finally have a few moments to myself! I was diagnosed with PMR on March 4, 2015 by my primary care doctor who is a D.O. and very much into natural healing as opposed to drugs. I remember when she said it, it looked like she had an epiphany! I guess she put it all together–my high inflammation markers and terrible pain across my shoulders and in my arms that wouldn’t go away. I was already on Tramadol but that did not help this. She said the standard drug for PMR is prednisone but she did not want to put me on it because of my higher glucose level. Most often it was near 120 and I was not on any medication, just controlled it with diet, so she didn’t want it to go higher or for me to have to take a drug.

There is a whole story as to how I came to the following, but I’ll spare you the details and just tell you that we found that methylprednisolone did not raise glucose levels as much as regular prednisone. So, after she tried me on Methotrexate (the ‘other’ drug of choice) and I got so sick on just one dose of it, she put me on the methylprednisolone 4 mg. I have been on this dosage from the beginning and have tried a few times to go lower by taking 1/2 pill one day then the whole pill for a few days, etc. I could never get to a lower dosage without my pain coming back. In fact, at the 4 mg dosage I still have a little pain in my arms especially when I get up in the morning and sometimes in the late afternoon but I’m not into raising the dosage.

I was wondering if anyone on here could tell me how long it has taken for them to go into remission. I know everyone is different, but I guess I’d like to know if there is some light at the end of this tunnel??? And, Barbara, I’m with you, I drink some wine also but have been thinking of giving it up to see if that helps.

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Glad to hear back from you. I’m encouraged when I hear that people actually go into remission. Hoping that’s our case. I’m on 4mg predisone now. Still have stiffness and pain but manageable. I hear all kinds of advise, from diet to exercise to acupuncture. I’m a pretty healthy eater and I make myself walk 30 minutes a day.
I’m in Texas and the weather is usually great for walking.
Whet a mystery this illness is.! Keep in touch.
Barbara Rene

I am taking the 4 mg of predisone and yes I am having pain in my arms and shoulders and especially my feet now. This is the strangest illness ever!!! I’m like you as far as I have always been anti medication and wanted to do it all natural. Unfortunately the predisone is the only thing that works. I am going to see a physical therapist on Tuesday who I am told specializes in PMR. I will let you know what I think about it. I can’t imagine he would have anything to offer me, but will see. Getting in the Hot Tub gives me some relief, but I can’t imagine all that heat would be good for inflammation. Your thoughts? And remission seems like will it ever happen.

Hi Barbara Rene’ (@barbararene) – Think happy thoughts about PMR going into remission. My first occurance was in 2007 and it took my several years to get off of prednisone which was in July 2010. It went into remission and didn’t rear it’s ugly head until last August. So, I’m hoping it doesn’t take me 3 years to get off prednisone and that it goes into remission forever. I’ve been focusing on eating a more healthy diet and have incorporated the nasty green smoothie for breakfast 4 to 5 times a week. I do know that diet and nutrition play a significant part in autoimmune illnesses. I started on my path after finding and reading The Wahls Protocol book by Dr. Terry Wahls. She has an amazing story of how she was able to significantly improve the symptoms of her MS – http://terrywahls.com/about/about-terry-wahls/. I thought it was just another diet book until I read a little more about her.

Here’s hoping for happy thoughts that your PMR will go into remission very soon!


Lioness here I have PMR and fibro A while ago my shoulder pain,shooting pain,nerve pain down arms into hands I went on more Magnesium ,Fibro Malic was the one It stopped my pain into the arms,hands.We need more Magnesium then normal people. I’ve done a lot of research in the fibromyalgia group.Check out some fibro groups online

Fibromyalgia NewLife Outlook is a good group

Lioness, I take magnesium supplements also – two 200 mg tablets in the morning and two in the evening, 800 mg daily. In addition to the magnesium, I take two 5,000 IU capsules of D3 which helps with calcium absorption.

That’s about what I take but also MSM as it’s important I’m told,it’s good to know what helps ,so good forum

I John yes thats what I take only 1000 mg magnesium,Vit D3 and calcium I understand we need more of these minerals also I don’t sleep on a pillow ,this stopped the nerve pain in arms,hands try it ,see if this helps you.