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Hello @starrlight I’m so glad that you joined us at Mayo Connect. I joined last year after I was diagnosed with my third carcinoid cancer. This online patient support group has been wonderful. I so admire the steps you are taking to get the best medical help you can have and I admire your decision to go to Mayo. I also searched for the least invasive surgery that was possible and found it at Univ. of Michigan near where I live. Please keep in touch with us and let us know you are doing. Best wishes, Teresa

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Hi Teresa,Thank you for responding to the post on Mayo Connect, it enlightens me to know that there are so many that truly care and someone to identify with, the feelings aspirations etc.Did you have the surgery that was what you wanted and expected?  How are you doing today?  I have turned down the bag surgery and just know there is something else that this body could endure. i know that my diet is out of control due to Dr's that do not have compassion for their patients.Teresa will keep you in my prayers as will all on Connect and others who are living with this disease, praying that there will be a cure for all someday.Would love to hear from you when you have time and will let all know on my outcome.Have a Wonderful Day,StarrlightMy youngest daughter's name is Teresa i call her Teri however.

Hi @starrlight. I’ve had three surgeries for the carcinoid cancer and the first two were very invasive major surgeries with hospital stays of 7 – 8 days.. The last one, however, was done with as an endoscopy procedure and as an outpatient. Much better! I’m doing OK now and I’m grateful for each day. Continued best wishes and please keep in touch as let us know how you are doing.

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