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@mzleah, @kanaazpereira, I too have this in my girly region. What a pain and im told there’s nothing they can do for it but watch it from afar..haha. Doctor gave me Clobetisol (sp) salve and im done with my visit. Im supposed to be a good girl and go in e ery 6 months for a check up but i have so many specialists im supposed to be seeing that i cant afford everything im supposed to be doing. I use the salve when i have a flare up and it takes away the pain and itching. (but not the scars) However, that crap stinks so much to me that i cant stand using it for very long. If you have heard anything new can you let me know?
Aint life grand?
Thanks, Judy

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I think I understand your dilemma, except that I am blessed to not have a lot of other medical issues. My GYN told me there was no cure, which is disappointing. I use the Clobetasol for flare ups also, but sometimes it causes a burning sensation. I don’t remember the GYN mentioning laser treatment, but I will see him in a week, and I am going to ask him if that is an option for me.