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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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@melcpa86 The flex they want you to achieve is generally 120, anything more than that is gravy. Mine is not at that in either leg but I do very well walking in most things, just cannot bend it enough for ease in getting up and down from the floor. I would give anything to have 125! When we were on vacation in October I walked about 37 miles in four days!

@klouis I am going to be having that surgery soon, I think it is probably the same thing. It's good to know that someone else found it did help.

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I think the surgery you and @klouis mentioned is the one I had 5 weeks ago. If so, it has helped. But be prepared for the workload after surgery if you want the results.

At 5 weeks post op My passive motion is now at 132 with less of a push from PT and fewer tears and I am walking normally and no longer limping constantly.

I am by no means at the end of this journey. PT won’t tell me my active ROM (probably for fear of discouraging me). It still hurts to stand and after walking about 15 mins.

The journey after the surgery has been intense. Starting at 10 hours of PT a day – I’m now down to 6 hours a day. That might be because My surgeon and PT are the orthos for a major university football & soccer team and their job is to get folks back on the field fast. I don’t know.

I was supposed to head back to work tomorrow- but PT asked me to wait one more week – I think to try and get me to where he is comfortable reducing the PT to 4 hours so I can try and manage.

Just letting you know my journey for reference.