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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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@carolamead this is truly terrible! I have not seen the movie but from what you say it is unbelievable that they are doing this. I think if I was about to have a TKR I might rethink if I thought I was a "test". Thankfully I have had two TKRs and both are fine, and they are two different knees with two different surgeons. I do not have quite the flex I would like but I am going to have a minor procedure done to help with that.
I hope that all of you who are having these problems are able to get some relief, somehow. It seems as if a total revision might be the only possible solution. Please keep us posted.

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I waited 7 months, my appointment is in 3 days with a Revision MD. Some people are fine with the metal, maybe not all have the nickel, supposedly there are all ceramic that are stronger, last longer. Flexing 65 degrees for two years and the pain has been horrid. I rode my bike 20 miles a day before surgery, rode horses. I have to lie sideways across the front seat of the car just toe get the knee in. Every single time I get in! I am very active, just do what I can, could not even use a Pottery Wheel at class. The contortion causes a twist and aggravates sciatic. Hope it gets fixed!!! The pain of bone on bone was far preferable as I could bend it at least.

@Contantandwell With so many posting about revision I wonder if this is another way for Drug companies and Dr,s to just make more money?Back in the 60,s you never heard of this .Tkr was put in and that was it oitside of P.T which was started in the O.R. Interesting?

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