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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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1st I hope u r doing well and getting that bend!!!
2 Nd thankyou for sharing your experience
3 rd I too am thinking of doing this surgery and tired of throwing $ at possible but not workable fixes
So please would like to hear from u and hope u r doing well!!!

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Here’s an update on the arthroscopic lysis I had done 3 weeks ago.

Last Friday, the surgeon upped my pain med dose so I could better tolerate the forced PT. It’s very painful.

However, on Monday, I was able to force my leg on my own to 125 – so the PT guy said I can now walk 10 mins twice a day and reduce the homework to 3 times a day! Other than that- butt on the couch with leg elevated.

I walked yesterday and there is still pain when I stand, walk behind my knee after only 5 mins and can’t lift my leg for a short arc anymore. I can move the kneecap though.

So right now I think the scope solved some of my problem- but not all. I think my issue is genetic because I do all the work and am still pushing against a rope.

But –right now there is hope. Slot of painful work in front of me still – but hope. And if I can get back to standing and walking without pain eventually- I’ll take that pain (and all the pain meds) now.


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