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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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Here’s an update on the arthroscopic lysis I had done 3 weeks ago.

I was at my wits end last week – crying in each PT session as they forced my leg back to 130 – where it was after the surgery. I broke down and emailed the surgeon to see if he could do anything. He doubled my dose and said to try that for a week (eg 3 more PT sessions and the homework).

The first of those PT sessions was yesterday- and guess what? I “graduated”!!! I was able to force my leg on my own to 125 – so the PT guy said I can now walk 10 mins twice a day and reduce the homework to 3 times a day! Other than that- butt on the couch with leg elevated – but no longer 5 hours of stretching a day!!!!! Only bad news is I can’t lift my leg for a short arc anymore- but can move the kneecap – so PT just upped the quad sets to “unlimited “ or as many a day as I can stand.

I’m convinced that I’m one of those unlucky people that has a genetic disposition to generate scar tissue. This is the third surgery that I have had this issue and by far the most painful.

But – there is hope. Slot of painful work in front of me still – but hope. And if I can get back to standing and walking without pain eventually- I’ll take that pain (and the pain meds) now.

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Golly I would love my knee flexion to be 125 degrees. I am now 3 months post arthroscopic arthrolysis and debridment of left knee and not even 100 degrees. Wonder whether I will ever get there…… nearly 9 months following my TKR

@melcpa86 The flex they want you to achieve is generally 120, anything more than that is gravy. Mine is not at that in either leg but I do very well walking in most things, just cannot bend it enough for ease in getting up and down from the floor. I would give anything to have 125! When we were on vacation in October I walked about 37 miles in four days!

@klouis I am going to be having that surgery soon, I think it is probably the same thing. It's good to know that someone else found it did help.