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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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I am 8 months out from my TKR and am having the scar tissue removal surgery on 11/28. I have a history of generating too much scar tissue so I suspect my issue is genetic. Ive been researching since August I’ve have one surgeon recommend the arthroscopic removal and one say to to a total revision. From the tons of research I’ve done, if you choose the arthroscopic procedure you have to also know that the PT will be immediate and intense to prevent more scar tissue. The revision is a last resort.

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Good luck with the arthroscopic surgery! I was in the hydrotherapy pool under 36 hours after the surgery. I have had weekly physio since the procedure, not pushing as hard as after the manipulation under anaesthetic, as they did not want to cause more inflammation and scar tissue. I learnt to listen to my knee. I spent hours dangling off the edge of the dinning room table gently trying to swing my left knee, eventually it started to bend.
My surgeon started me on baclofen ( muscle relaxant, reduces spasms) and amitriptyline ( helps with neuropathic pain and sleep) 3 weeks prior to surgery, and to continue post surgery. I have ended up on a slightly higher dose post arthroscopic arthrolysis and debridment of left knee.

Wishing u good luck on your surgery. Just after thanxgiving, so load up???
But really please let me know how it goes and hope that damn scar tissue is out of there!!!