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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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My surgeon did not offer me an MRI, but said he wanted to complete an arthroscopy to see what was preventing the knee from bending , and remove any scar tissue. It was more extensive fibrosis than he had originally thought. I was up and around the next day, without crutches . I have kept with the same surgeon ever since my first surgery last November, so I trust him now. I have changed Physios so many times, and it is good when you have one who understands arthrofibrosis.

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Hi who is your doctor I live in New York City

So u have had arthroscopic surgery?
Are u ok and what does a good pt person do differently?
I had the mri , called MARS metal, artifact reduction system
Saw doc today and he said yes scar tissue there, he recommends arthroscopic surgery and manipulation while I’m under
Then 2 weeks of pt
He said there is no guarantee scar tissue won’t come back, some do ,others not
And there is a higher risk of infection when u have a replaced knee, ie foreign object. Which would be really bad.
I’m leaning towards having this done as my quality of life is worth the gamble