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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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This is very helpful information. I have wondered how much and location of my scar tissue. This was not an option offered to me. Was this office visit with a new doctor? I am trying to get an appointment with two doctors that were highly recommended to me. I have been working on this for two weeks and am still waiting for a call back to book appointment. I believe I need to be more aggressive instead of waiting for a call back. They have my referral from my GP. Dry frustrating.

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Excuse the typo. Should be “very frustrating “.

My surgeon did not offer me an MRI, but said he wanted to complete an arthroscopy to see what was preventing the knee from bending , and remove any scar tissue. It was more extensive fibrosis than he had originally thought. I was up and around the next day, without crutches . I have kept with the same surgeon ever since my first surgery last November, so I trust him now. I have changed Physios so many times, and it is good when you have one who understands arthrofibrosis.

So yes this was a new doc , not the one who did my original surgery who is VERY well thought of
But I’m going a bit mad Re scar tissue and this new doc, who on paper has all the rite qualifications recommended this
So im going to pursue. My original doc thinks I’ll be ok , but it’s been 7 months and no change. Hope I helped

Sorry haven’t been following , but yes the mri was with a new doctor, not the doc who did my knee replace. I’m told the mri (M A R S- metal , artifact, reduction, system] is not fool proof, but does give them some of the story, My original doctor doesn’t use this and also will not do arthroscopic surgery for this as he feels it mite grow back even worse, so for now I’m doing my own PT , hoping with time it will loosen up, and he is suggesting a third manipulation as it is harmless,