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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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I had a RTKR in April 2018. My the end of May, I had so much scar tissue that I couldn’t even get up from a seated position ir extend my leg without excruciating pain and crepitus. Scar tissue had frozen my patella, and the ROM was nearly non existent. Had an arthroscopic lysis of adhesions yesterday, and actually feel better despite the surgical pain and swelling. Now on a mission to find out what caused the problem and keep it from happening again!

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I also had arthroscopic lysis two weeks ago. The first night I did not sleep, set the alarm for every two hours, stretched, rode exercycle and iced. The next three nights I set the alarm for 2:30 am got up and did my routine. Since then I have been doing the routine every three hours except for 6 hours at night. Resting ROM 105, stressed ROM 120. Need to get my resting ROM up.

Just read your post and curious if your scar tissue came back since the arthroscopic procedure, hopefully not