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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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Can scar tissue be removed under Lazer surgery on the knee.

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Hello @sandcar, welcome to Connect. I moved your message and the discussion to which you posted to an already existing discussion called Scar Tissue After Knee Replacement. If you are replying by email to this message, I suggest clicking on VIEW & REPLY so that you can read through the whole discussion and meet the many members talking about similar symptoms to yourself.

@sandcar, you mentioned that you had your knee replaced 11 years ago (actually, I also had mine done 11 years ago), if you don’t mind sharing, how was your range-of-motion up to 4 year ago? Have you had any Xrays? I know eventually my knee will need revision, but the knees they were doing 11 years ago were part of a wave of longer lasting knees. Do you know how your knee is structurally?

I had X-rays done 2 years ago and the knee was structurally fine. My range of motion shortly after the replacement (they didn’t give me numbers) was enough to ride a bike and they seemed pleased with that. It has been a gradual change. Two years after the replacement i needed to help my 91 year old mother so my exercise regime went by the wayside. I now walk 3 -4 miles most days and have tried the stationary bike and other exercises that I used in rehab but it’s terribly painful.

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