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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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gaIlfaith here responding: Yes I had both knees replaced in 2004 and 2006 but I did not have ANY problems with the recovery. After my first, before I left the hospital I was on the passive bending machine but off hand I don’t remember how much bend I got but by the time I left there, but it was above 90 degrees. At the nursing home, the doctor there didn’t know what she was doing !!! and she got very upset with me if I turned the machine there to anything over 90 degrees. When I got home, I lowered the seat on my stationary bike and stretched it more that way. I eventually end up with 124 degrees and my current therapist (for my monotonic dystrophy) measured it recently and now I have even more, something near 129. After my second one, I left the hospital with 123 and when I got to a DIFFERENT nursing home, they said I didn’t need the machine with that much bend already , and by the time I left there I had 132 with just PT. Now I have even more like maybe 135. I don’t think even before the surgery that it was much if anything above that naturally! Sorry to make you all jealous but should I have to get revisions on either knee in the future, I will be apprehensive that I might have problems in the future. The surgeon I had for both just had surgery on one of HIS knees (not TKR) and on the internet they showed his surgery. Not many people get to the see the inside of their surgeon’s knee! My visit last summer to the surgeon, the X-rays showed no wear at that time! I will be 81 next month and hopefully the original TKR’s will last me for the rest of my life, but as I have mentioned previously, right now I am doing a lot of walking for the Dystrophy . I am now up to 45 miles since Aug 13, ’06 (that only includes measured walks, not day to day walking where-ever). And yes, I am thanking the Lord for that!

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This is Lori. I had written before about neuropathy. My foot pain seems to be getting better very slowly. Neurologist, podiatrist, foot and ankle orthopedist all said there was nothing they could identify to cause the pain down the inside of my foot and weak painful feeling when I walk more than a block. I am doing a lot of strengthening on my tkr right knee from surgery 8 months ago, and am up to 75 pounds on squat sets. I got up to 50 miles round trip on my road bike before the weather got too miserable to ride anymore. The problem is that every single morning I have to go through the herl slides pulling up with a strap to get my knee to bend to where I want it to. Without assistance, it is about 128 or 130 lieing on my back, but if I sm doing some activity outside and my foot gets slightly caught up against grass or snow or something, it is incredible pain because the knee is forced to bend the amount that it really needs to clear my leg from stuff on uneven ground when
I am walking. This tells me it is not bending far enough. When I do heel slides, I have to go through a lot of pain and finally pull my heel up to within a thumb to index finger width distance from my butt. I think that distance is about 135 degrees. It is frustrating and I wonder if I have to continue to do these painful heel slides forever every day, or will it finally bend enough on its own? I hope other people read this and respond. Not sure how this works to get other people to see this.

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