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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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I had my first knee replacement at the age of 47 years in 2001. I was plagued by spasms on the outer aspect of my calf caused by scar tissue. After a closed manipulation and traditional PT I got relief with acupuncture and osteopathic manipulation. I know many physical therapists practice under the theory that you have to push through the pain, but when you are a prolific scar tissue creator, I feel a more gradual, alternative approach is better.

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I agree with you lamerex ….. I was told to push “up to the pain” but not “through it.”

@lamerex4 How does someone know that scar tissue is the problem? Can you feel it or is it the only reason for pain and stiffness after a TKR? I'm just curious because I'll be 7 weeks PO on Thursday and can only get to 105-106 unassisted bend and around 113 with pulling while doing heel slides. Not MUA material but not where I wanted to be 7 weeks out either.

I so agree with you. I am 3.5 months out tkr and one month from manipulation. I had multiple surgeries in this knee prior to tkr and developed adhesions very quickly. I still struggle with hot swollen joint and limited mobility . In fact i got a hamstring sprain from PT and lost more ROM. I finally decided i would do my own PT and osteopathic manipulation ( good friend is DO and doing it for me). Very frustrating and i am now back on Walker instead of cane to work better on my gate. I think it would have been much better with less agressive therapy as it set up severe inflammatory reactions and more adhesions ( on blood thinners so no anti inflammatories ). Heres hoping.

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