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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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Hello @leithlane, welcome to Connect.

This is an experience very close to my own. I had my right knee replaced in 2006. I also had aggressive scar tissue immediately after my knee replacement. Ultimately, I had to have two post-surgery knee manipulations where they put me back under and broke the scar tissue up by bending my knee manually. Even after those two manipulations I still had issues with scar tissue. It took almost a full year and a half until I ended up breaking the scar tissue loose on my own when I jumped and landed awkwardly. Although it may be frustrating, sticking with your PT is a must.

I would like to invite @mnpat, @basa, @winning, @joanney, @emme, @kerri123, @gailfaith, @cautiousoptimism, @cheris, @ronnie3716, and @amberpep, to this discussion as they have all had knee replacements and may be able to provide some thoughts on their experiences with scar tissue after surgery.

@leithlane, have you heard of or tried a brace with hand cranks on it that you use to help with straightening and bending your knee? What does your therapist/surgeon say about your scar tissue problems?

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i should not laugh but when i went through physical therapy we were near a doctors office. The screams brought the nurses running down the hall. They came from me as i was breaking the scar tissue. I still do not have the flexibility i ad before replacement but it will have to do. I do now people that have had to have surgery to break the scar tissue. I was told how wonderful it would be to have a knee replacement and to be able to play tennis again etc. Golf is my sport of choice now.
The knee brace i have for the left knee that i purchased for stem cells has the have the hand cranks. Love the brace. Wear it when i golf, biking and gardening. Would recommend it to anyone as it has great support. Its not like like that are advertised or what you see young people wearing in sports.
I do have a friend who will be undergoing scar tissue surgery. I knew he would hve to have it done as he did nothing at home. Another friend did nothing, had her surgery for scar tissue , had second knee done and learned her lesson and did the therapy at home. Hard work, painful, but as they say, growing old ain’t for sissies.

gaIlfaith here responding: Yes I had both knees replaced in 2004 and 2006 but I did not have ANY problems with the recovery. After my first, before I left the hospital I was on the passive bending machine but off hand I don’t remember how much bend I got but by the time I left there, but it was above 90 degrees. At the nursing home, the doctor there didn’t know what she was doing !!! and she got very upset with me if I turned the machine there to anything over 90 degrees. When I got home, I lowered the seat on my stationary bike and stretched it more that way. I eventually end up with 124 degrees and my current therapist (for my monotonic dystrophy) measured it recently and now I have even more, something near 129. After my second one, I left the hospital with 123 and when I got to a DIFFERENT nursing home, they said I didn’t need the machine with that much bend already , and by the time I left there I had 132 with just PT. Now I have even more like maybe 135. I don’t think even before the surgery that it was much if anything above that naturally! Sorry to make you all jealous but should I have to get revisions on either knee in the future, I will be apprehensive that I might have problems in the future. The surgeon I had for both just had surgery on one of HIS knees (not TKR) and on the internet they showed his surgery. Not many people get to the see the inside of their surgeon’s knee! My visit last summer to the surgeon, the X-rays showed no wear at that time! I will be 81 next month and hopefully the original TKR’s will last me for the rest of my life, but as I have mentioned previously, right now I am doing a lot of walking for the Dystrophy . I am now up to 45 miles since Aug 13, ’06 (that only includes measured walks, not day to day walking where-ever). And yes, I am thanking the Lord for that!

i’m jealous. Reached 123 and that was it. I was in great shape when i had the surgery, Had a tough time. Now with the stem cells i have my original knee. To each his own. The doctors tell me that some do well and some do not. No reasons for it in most cases. w

I had scar tissue after hip replacement. I have a massage therapist who does mayo facial release. It took care of the scar tissue, IT band tightness, and other muscle imbalances from walking funny.

I had total knee replacement a little over one year ago, and a manipulation a couple of months after the surgery. I still have a stiff knee with limited mobility although there has been improvement. I have stopped therapy temporarily but have been forcing myself to bend my knee, which has resulted in some periodic burning sensations which have become frequent. I believe the pain is from the breaking up of scar tissue. I will be seeing the surgeon for another follow-up later this month.

Hello all, I had a TKR of my left knee 4 months ago. I am stuck at about 95 degrees flexion. I have very sharp pain behind the knee when trying to bend past that. The MRI shows a very swollen Popiteal muscle, but my doctor says this is unusual and isn't quite sure what is causing this sharp pain. I was taken out of p.t. and just resumed it again. The pain sometimes is on the outer side of the knee as well. Has anyone experienced this sharp pain behind the Knee? This is really prohibiting the ability to bend the stupid knee! I have crazy tightness across the knee as well. I'm guessing scar tissue is the cause? Unfortunately, I have a bad ankle/foot on the opposite side too, it makes walking a challenge. I knew the recovery would be harder due to my limitations, I'm just frustrated, upset and hoping for a positive turn around. This site is great, the info I've read from everyone is so helpful. So, anyone with this behind the knee pain PLEASE…id love any info you have. Thank you

Hi Charlie,I am 31/2 months outI don’t have pain behind my knee but I continue to have swellingI am trying to do more walking but have been told the swelling may take 6 months to resolveTudor beach 

I had a TKR in January and am having a very difficult recover. Lots of scar tissue. Limited bend. Very frustrated. But to your question about pain behind the knee -yes I do have that off and on especially when I try to turn the wheel on my upright bicycle for a period of time. And my discomfort is on the outside of the knee as well. Crazy tightness in the knee – yes. My orthopedic surgeon is stymied and having me get an MRI on my back to see if there is a correlation. No answers here yet but I am keeping up with exercise hoping for a miracle.

What’s the brand of knee brace

I had left knee done June 2017. Was a breeze. Blew through it. Had right knee four weeks ago and my knee hurts EVERYWHERE. Top sides back. The surgeon says all looks good. Loves my bending numbers as does the therapist. But two days after PT I am hobbling again. I’m trying to get back to driving. My school bus. These posts have been awesome. I thought it was only me. I’m nauseated all the time with little appetite. Speedy recovery to you all

Welcome @neetsy612. I had a hard time with nausea in the first few weeks as well. I can't say what is causing yours, but for me I felt like it was just dealing with the pain and pain medications. That is good that your flexion and extension have received thumbs up for your surgeon and PT! Hopefully as the swelling goes down, so does your pain.

@neetsy612, do you have a timeline on when you are hoping to recover enough to return to driving school bus?

Since you accidentally fell did your scar tissue ever grow back?

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