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Itchy scalp long term

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The itchy scalp with no rash has spread to various body parts also with no rash. I’ve tea tree oil shampoo as well as tea tree with coconut oil on skin. Cortisone cream on skin does not help. This has lasted for about a week and I can concentrate in little else with itching day and night.

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@rascal1, Have you by any chance, added any different foods to your diet recently? I ask because I discovered that when I eat fresh strawberries (which I love) or fresh pineapple I can be assured of itching for several days afterward.
You have not mentioned any underlying medical concerns or medications. These things can also be responsible for the itching, so I think that a check in with your doctor might be in order.

Hi @rascal1, I think @rosemarya is right that a check in with your doctor might be in order. I did find a couple of references that may provide more information for you here:

Relief from Persistent Itching and Scratching
-- https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/relief-from-persistent-itching-and-scratching/

Harvard Medical School symptom checker - Itching Without Rash
-- https://www.health.harvard.edu/decision_guide/itching-without-rash#nopeihavenoneofthose

Hope this helps.


Thank you . I’m going to investigate your references!

No new detergents or foods, etc. I’m now washing everything in hot water and double rinse even though it doesn’t seem like parasites, etc

Saw a dermatologist who had no explanation why scalp itched so much and itchy spots alll over body with absolutely no rash. He did a skin culture from between my fingers, suggested shampoo, body wash and body lotion and med for itch.
It’s been only one day and slightly better . I won’t have results for 2-3 weeks. Said it can be an underlying problem like thyroid, diabetes, weakened immune system , etc

Thank you John ! I’m going to look into your references. The best to you. !

I just started a new group on "Morgellons and Other Parasites. Mine also started with my scalp after a haircut in a salon 2+ years ago. I'm posting pictures I've been taking from my experience. I'm also keeping specimens in Ziploc bags. The only way I actually could see something was wrong was by taking pictures with my camera phone, but you HAVE TO TURN THE FLASH ON or you cannot see anything. Just a suggestion. When something kept biting me, I wanted to see what it was.