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Itchy scalp long term

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Doctor said laundry detergent is no. 1 cause. We changed detergent twice. The belt line itch receded considerably., no other cause except could be food or drugs. Three years ago it got bad enough to see dermatologist. Gave me steroids and three kinds of shampoo whichcontrolled it for two years, then started getting worse. Saw,anotherdermatologist who prescribed stronger steroid, and to use one of three ointments in order of severity. Now they have little impact and my scalp is very sensitive from the scratching, my neck area is tender. Thank you for your help.

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Farmerttt, My problem also started with my scalp. No one can see anything but the lesions and I've been to 12 board certified doctors, 9 of whom are dermatologists. They can't "see" anything, so they tell me I have a psychosis of parasites. The reason for that is I tell them about the photographs I've been taking for over 2 years and they dont want to take the time to look at 2 or 3.
I just started a new group on "Morgellons and Other Parasites. Mine also started with my scalp after a haircut in a salon 2+ years ago. I'm posting pictures I've been taking from my experience. I'm also keeping specimens in Ziploc bags. The only way I actually could see something was wrong was by taking pictures with my camera phone, but you HAVE TO TURN THE FLASH ON or you cannot see anything. Just a suggestion. When something kept biting me, I wanted to see what it was.