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Chronic Pain | Last Active: Jan 17, 2017 | Replies (2)

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Welcome to Connect, @bigdog55.
I'd like to bring @timfitz @ando @aliciadayan8 and @johnpais1 who have recently talked about inguinal hernia pain and surgery. You can read more about this topic and their experiences in these discussions:
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BigDog, just to clarify, you are saying that you have been living with chronic pain in your left groin area for 8 years, but that the pain has intensified after having had right inguinal surgery done a month ago? In addition you have new back pain? Is this correct?

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Had surgery on left side in 2008, 3 yrs later I started having a lot of pain, tried everything but only thing that worked was in 2012 I had 3 nerves cut and that helped a lot still got pain but manageable. Now 5 weeks ago I had right inguinal surgery and right side feels fine but left side now really hurts like before I had nerves cut. It does not make sense to me. Both surgeries were open surgeries. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.