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Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) - Let's talk

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I’m so glad that mayo clinic connect has created a space to talk about the stresses and consequences of being seriously ill. I have been personally affected by two family members that had ICU admissions. My grandmother is still struggling with physical debility and memory issues since her ICU stay – even years since her illness. My husband had a very brief stay in the ICU after a major health scare and I can tell you, even as a healthy young man, the stay traumatized him and affected him psychologically long after he recovered physically – it is something he will never forget.

I’m looking forward to hear others’ experiences, what works well to cope, and personal struggles and triumphs. No one plans for a stay in the intensive care, but those that find themselves there have to deal with how life changing the experience can be.

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Welcome to Connect, Stephanie (@ssrn).
Were there any programs, support groups or counseling offered to your grandmother, husband or family post ICU? How has the experience affected you as well as your husband?

I wonder if you might have something to add to this discussion on Connect. Pat is concerned about cognitive decline in choosing surgery.
– Anesthesia types and effect on cognitive function in elderly persons http://mayocl.in/2jJpbZw