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Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior

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Hello old friends...and hello to new people to the forum. I did not know the best way to check in after a few weeks so i am just starting here. I know our moderators will guide my post along the Connect line.
I was at CROSSROADS in durango, colorado. It is through the Axis Mental Health System. Check the web please for details. When my son killed himself in august, i did not get treatment. I was admitted with a diagnosis of PTSD TRAUMA . i did not have email so i wanted to at least let you all know i am still alive..and i am being carefully and dillegently guided by a group of caring professionals and a grief counselor who specializes in complex trauma. As she calls it. I can just do a little bit each day and i am sleeping constantly. But i am just now starting to get in touch a bit at a time. My message is... WHEN YOU KNOW YOU NEED HELP...GET TREATMENT. DO NOT EVER LET OTHERS STAND IN THE WAY OF GETTING THE HELP YOU NEED. This is especially true of mental illness...as we have all pretty much discovered. My own story really reminds me of this....
The old guy died...and on his tombstone...were these words...."I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK."
Many hugs...

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@georgette12 Thanks for checking in with us! I'm so glad that you found good treatment. Keep in touch with us as you can. Teresa

Hello again @georgette12, thank you very much for your update. Like you said, I "guided" your post back to the Managing Life-Long Mental Health discussion where you were posting before. I did this because I wanted everyone you were in contact with before to see your update.

I also moved it back to this discussion because I think your willingness to share updates on your journey is in no doubt an inspiration to the other members of the Mental Health group. I admire your courage to share and your willingness to seek help. Thank you again for updating the group, please keep doing so!