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Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior

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These people are supposed to be Christians? I’d try another church if I were you and don’t tell anyone about your background.
I do not go to church but I had plenty of it when I was a child, enough to make me not want to ever go to church again.
My family and close friends know that I am Bipolar and I never tell anyone else. I thought the bias was lifting against people with mental illnesses but I guess not.
Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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To: @lesbatts @jimhd @rspaulling and anyone else who may be having difficulty finding a church that is accepting of folks with mental illness, I’d like to make some suggestions. If possible, you might call a church in advance of visiting and explain your problem and ask if they can provide you with a person to sit with and be with during the service. Also, there is an organization called NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). NAMI does training in churches to help congregations understand and learn about mental illness. NAMI might be able to suggest a church that has received their training or perhaps provide training for your congregation. NAMI provides great support for those suffering from mental illness as well as their family members. Best wishes to you all this Sunday morning. Teresa

Good Sunday morning to everyone. I would like to give a testimonial for NAMI. I was a member of my local NAMI organization last year when i lived in Asheville, NC. They are really a wonderful source for all areas of this disease. The one i belonged to was for those with mental illness. At the same time that one was meeting there was another group meeting for families and caregivers for those with mental illness. I receive a weekly newsletter by email and infor re all sorts of interesting things to learn about. I personally have that at the top of my list. What is so frustrating to me is not having resources in this tiny town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Nearest big town is Durango or if i go in the opposite direction I would have to go to Santa Fe, New Mexico! What is saving me is this forum and the Alliance of Hope organization which has an excellent reputation, according to my personal research on it. However that is for people who have lost family or others to suicide. When my eldest son took his life August 13th of last year in another state, i was in the middle of moving here and away from all resources and my support system. So when i got here in October i was lost.
This past january the 13th was his birthday and the 5th month anniversary of his death and my only help was the Alliance of Hope. I have been in horrible shape and in this town, you do not ever mention suicide as a topic.
One thing i think is vital to those of us with serious mental health issues……speaking for myself only and people i now know, a traumatic event which is complex in its nature, will trigger whatever mental issues are going on with me, for instance. I do not speak for anyone else, of course, but i, and others i know personally, suffer from suicidal ideations after such an event especially if it is your son or daughter or a close family member. I, personally speaking, have so much guilt associated with it. Intellectually i know that we all have free will and do not have the power of life or death over anyone. But i am his mother and i refuse to let go of my guilt. I say “let go” because i personally know that it is not my fault, but that is just being rational. I am not anywhere near rational on this.
Well, i did not mean to go off on this tangent, but NAMI is a place that i am sure i can turn to on this. That is how i connected the two topics. Well, more later. I am really extremely grateful for all of you who are reading this. Blessings.

I am so very sorry about your son, I can’t imagine anything worse than losing a child! I have had many suicides in my family as I mentioned previously therefore this surely runs in my family.
Take care and I hope you get the support you’re looking for.

Thank you! I will call NAMI. We have no sidewalks where I live. There are 2 churches nearby but I am recove ring from a broken hip as well as my mental health issues. We watch Reverend Stanley and Dr David Jeremiah every Sunday and follow Our Daily Bread every day and night. We also get monthly day to day bible studies from them. My husband and I are Christians and we pray together. Our daughter and son-in-law also pray with us. We are just not allowed to drive because he had strokes and recent seizures, and I have medicines that prevent me from driving. We know that God will place us where He wants us.

I’m a member of NAMI, but I seem to be only on the list of people who might make a donation. How do you get to the support side?

@rspaulling It sounds as if you have some wonderful spiritual resources, that is great! Yes, I’m sure that God will place you in the right place. Keep in touch and I wish you well as you recover from your broken hip. Teresa

@jimhd Hi Jim: As you don’t mention where you live, I would suggest that you go to their website or call their local chapter and see where and when their support groups are held. They usually have groups for both patients and their family members. I hope that you are able to connect with them. Teresa

Thank you. God bless you!

Most suicides are from undiagnosed mental illness. Ask God to show you the root cause of why you feel guilt.

Jimhd…..i will check that NAMI info for you. I still get their newsletters. DBSA is DEPRESSION BIPOLAR SUPPORT ALLIANCE. I attended that as well. Another great peer support group country wide.

Thanks, Georgette. I’ve never heard of the bipolar group. The first psychiatrist I saw said that I have depressive bipolar disorder, which means that my highs aren’t as high as a regular bipolar.

I also broke my hip in August of last year. Have been trying to get in touch with you to see if you have any tips for me and I also suffer from depression

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