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Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior

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I’m sorry for the loss of your sons. I have attempted suicide, and I know the terrible pain it would cause for my wife and children. Knowing that keeps me from further attempts.

I don’t know how long depression has been affecting me, but in 2003, my doctor prescribed my first antidepressant, and in 2005, I crashed. I was overdosing, wanting to die, and was deeply depressed.

I don’t think I’d be able to handle all that you are. You have a source of strength. Maybe you could tell us what keeps you going. We all have our own coping resources, and it helps to find new ways to cope.

I have a support team, and each member helps me in different ways. God is at the top of the list, my wife, my service dog, church, and a few friends. I hope to start seeing a therapist again in February. The last one moved more than a year ago. They don’t stay here very long, because they can make so much more money in bigger cities. The town I live in is just under 10,000. The challenge has been finding a therapist who takes Medicare.

Well, I have to get a shower and get to bed so I can get up early for my appointment with the pain specialist tomorrow. Blessings to you.


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@jimhd How did the appointment with your pain specialist go?
I’d like to hear more about your service dog and what s/he means to you and what service s/he brings to your health and healing. Can you tell us more?

I very much like the pain specialist. He’s worked hard to find a way to get relief for me. My service dog is still in training. I had to find a new one after my previous dog died suddenly and unexpectedly in February of last year. He had been my partner his last 5 years. A mental health worker recommended a service dog, and I trained the dog I rescued as a puppy. I found resources online to learn what services he could provide to be a legitimate service dog. He helped me through panic attacks and with depression, and PTSD. Sadie, my two year old McNabb, is taking his place and is learning to know me, to know when I need her. She’s a psychiatric service dog. We’re very much attached. I felt the connection when I first knelt and held her at the shelter. It was a time when I needed her, just 3 weeks after Barnabas died. Barnabas had a stroke or some other brain event, and I had to put him down. I mourned for a long time, and still feel the loss a year later. If anyone wants to know more about service dogs, it just takes a Google search. No certification is required, though there are lots of people online offering certificates. It’s a scam. And too many people believe that they can call their pet a service dog, but it’s only a companion dog. The animal has to be trained to provide a recognized service, and a list of possible services can be found at http://www.servicedog.com. There are several requirements as to behavior, basic commands and dog etiquette. Whenever I go to a restaurant or doctor’s office, I hear from people who work there that they can tell when it’s a true service dog. I’ve heard horror stories.

Thank you for telling us more about Sadie and Barnabas. You may enjoy reading about Craig (@v1crew) and Saoirse, who are in training with one another since late last year. http://mayocl.in/2jNt67n

jimhd when I lived with my parents as a child growing up I always had a dog. Though we never heard of or refured to the dogs as service dogs they were a companion to me. When I moved out of my parents home I got a cat which is called a companion. Where I live companion animals are allowed when pets are not allowed. My cat is very entertaining because to him he is the master of his domain. When is the whole house. I would like to had a dog but it would of been to much for me with the up keep. But I know how you feel about your dog as I do about my cat. They are very much your family