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Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior

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Great topic to start, Georgette.
You wrote:
“discussing managing mental health issues as a senior, after a lifelong challenge with this disease. This issue can be further complicated as we age because many people do have memory loss and other symptoms of aging, and it is very difficult to tell the difference between life-long anxiety or depression and other mental health issues…….and age-related symptoms or conditions. Am i feeling depressed because i cannot do the things i used to do, or am i depressed because i do not have chronic depression under control?”

I’m tagging @overwhelmed @johnjames @jimhd @amberpep and @lesbatts on this discussion as I believe they will value insights or reflections to offer.

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Well-as we have been told-depression is a major prat of Parkinson’s, it’s beyond hard and most people won’t understand, we have to try and find those good friends that will help us just by being there at times and holding are hand, saying a prayer together- non- judgemental for sure, AS was said above the depression is hard to keep at bay- it’s not always possible and we shouldn’t beat our self’s up because of it. Memory loss many times is anxiety and trying to hard- which I was told by the Michael J,.Fox Foundation Research center. I have PTSD from 3 wars, and that causes PTSD along with the Parkinson’s- sometimes it’s a little scary because of the unknown and when is depression going to hit again- that dark cloud that makes our head feel like it in a dark hole. I have been dealing with depression for the past 11 years- Boy I hurt for all of us and the pain of depression -which is real. we need each other to support and pray together on line or in person someday. I real feel in my spirit the pain of the writer and the allfull pain of depression. Please hang -in and find a real friend, one that’s always aviliable and loving and kind. in my Prayers. JJAMES

Johnjames, thank you so much for sharing your story and feelings. And thank you for your service in the military. For me, when someone is real, and shares the secrets of their heart, the things that hurt and the horrific images that haunt us, it makes me, at least, feel like I am not alone. I like what you said about finding a real and non-judgemental friend. I am thinking you have experienced what I have. Some, no, many, of my friends and family are not comfortable being around me or even calling me. This was highlighted when my son hanged himself. I did not know his apartment had not been cleaned when I walked into it. I did not know that I was walking on his blood. And I did not know that this horrific event would turn people away from me because they did not know what to say. So, i am still looking for that real friend, who is not judgemental, and is always there, with prayer and kindness. Blessings.

@colleenyoung– I think we would have to take into consideration how long we have been depressed and was their a diagnosis . For example, ( first-let me say there are many examples and cases, mine is only one of hundreds ) I was diagnosed over 11 years ago- because of PTSD and all the wars and death I and my buddy went through over a period of 35 years, So – my depression is getting worse I know, and it could very well be because of getting older, of Parkinson’s itself, Serious illnesses within the family and much more. ANd -as you said, not being able to do the things we used youi- is really a hard one. Thanks for sharing JJAMES

JJames – my heartfelt thanks for sharing.

Thank you, I appreciate the chat room more than I can say- it is a real Blessing and God sent. JJAMS

Thanks, @johnjames I agree! I find it very helpful to be able to put my thoughts, feelings and fears into written form. It is very cathartic, isn’t it? Teresa

hopeful33250 I too like to write but sometimes especially on FB I will write something and get an unexpected response and wondering are my writings get across the way I want it too? Sometimes yes sometimes no. It is a gamble. But as you say it is just helpful to put some thoughts into words and get that relief without the fear of how others will interpret what you wrote

i AM A PEOPLE PERSOn and when our house burned to the ground 3 yearrs ago we moved to a cabin in the woods. There are not too many people around but I have made friends with some. Yes depression is real………….its something that people (including myself) try to hide. I don’t want to frighten people away if you know what I mean. I have gone through periods like this before and sometimes they last for a year or so then other times within a few month I am able to deal with them.. Right now I cannot I feel so helpless and weak. Please give me the inner strenghth to deal with this. Encouraging words anything. I really need you all right now I am so down.

@brit We are all hoping that you find a little bit of light today to brighten your path! Teresa

Thank you so much for your reply to my email. Just knowing theres someone out there that cares and is going through the same things makes it a little easier. Thank you Teresa GOD BLESS