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With my LPR, I have no burning at all. I have excessive mucus in my esophagus and it runs into my sinuses. I was told that dairy, caffeine, fried foods, and processed foods contributed to it. I stopped eating processed meats. I eat plain non processed turkey and stopped consuming dairy. I take Probiotics as well as Bromelain capsules 2 to 3 times a day. I tried every Proton Pump inhibitor as well as several antacid tablets, but none work.
I eat smaller meals, no processed snack foods and a lot of green vegetables. I will sometimes take a couple tablespoons of Maalox if it comes on after a meal. I have had some decent relief. I refused to go the route of surgery.

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Hi Phil – good news! Sounds like you have found the key and that is where I am headed. Do you have any concerns with longer term damage from other less painful symptoms like tired throat or “cold” feeling like using a cough drop?

I have terrible excessive mucous too, and post nasal drip and feel like I have to clear my throat all the time. I was told after a 24 hour Impedance Study that I do not have reflux, no acid anyway. I guess Naso Pharyngeal Silent reflux can present a excess mucous. I have tried PPIs and they don’t help.

Phil, do you clear your throat or cough? I also had a lung infection-mycobacterial- not sure if the mucous has to do with that, but does not seem like lung, seems like throat and nose. Would love to get rid of it.
Phil, I eat small meals, don’t eat processed. Do you drink coffee? Alcohol? I have a cup a day and maybe a drink or 2 a week when we go out to dinner. Is your eating improving the mucous? Anything else that works?

Mine goes away mostly, when I sleep. Does yours? Do you ever get the mucous on an empty stomach. Sorry, lots of questions.

Kay, I have exactly what you state. I will have one cup of coffee at 2 P.M. I am a tea drinker and I drink green decaffeinated tea twice a day. I am on a mostly vegetable and non processed turkey. I will eat barbecue brisket once a week with very little sauce. I drink a glass of watered down soy milk with lunch because it is thicker than milk. Sounds icky doesn’t it? I developed a taste for it. Some say caffeine and dairy can aggravate “Silent Reflux” but I have a glass of skim milk sometimes instead of soy milk. I go to bed with the mucous. However, once I get relaxed and sleepy I sleep well. So it does not interfere with my sleep or gets any worse like those with “Acid Reflux”. There are 2 or 3 days a week where it doesn’t bother me very much. Then I go back and see what it was that aggravated it when it returns. I never find the culprit. When I think it is the coffee, the Soy Milk or something I ate I stop eating or drinking it. However, it still returns. It’s worse in the evening from after dinner to bedtime (Midnight). I do a lot of hacking to get the mucous up. If after I eat and it bothers me, I take two tablespoons of “Mylanta”. That helps about 3/4 of the time. I don’t experience any acid but it seems to help anyway.

Ocassionally, I will get a coughing spell but not too often. Most mornings I wake up and I start off fine. I may have a little Post Nasal Drip. I take 3 Generic “Benadryl” when I wake up. I think that helps. If you can take it twice a day, do it. I use to. However, at night it caused me “Restless Leg Syndrome”. If I got up and walked around the house for about 15 minutes or went in and watched TV, it went away. I am not overweight but a little underweight since I cut back on all the junk food.

I notice that if I eat smaller meals, it helps. If I eat an apple or two, it helps instantly in clearing up the mucous for awhile and sometimes for longer periods. I try to drink a lot of water during the day and more at night. I wish I knew what exactly triggers it and why it doesn’t trigger it, which is less frequently. Sometimes I will go in and sit in a chair or lay down, listen to some music, relax and it subsides some. I hope some of this info helps. Try the apple and see if that helps.

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