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I had the Linx procedure Dec, 2014. It does have it’s problems. If you don’t find out the foods that cause you gas and bloating the pressure from the gas pushes on the device causing pain. It’s difficult to burp to relieve the pressure and can be miserable. I read the book,”Fast Tract Digestion”, which really helped me identify foods that cause problems. You might check it out before surgery it just might help you feel better without surgery. Simple things like fruit were a big problem. After surgery I was still taking Zantac twice a day. After reading the book I’ve been off everything! Hope you get relief

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Goof to hear you are reducing pressure. Any possibility that you control this with diet and have Linx removed? I heard that is possible…

Yes I was going to but very expensive. Also when I had the surgery dec 2014 my insurance didn’t cover it even tho it was pre approved so it cost me 6600.00 out of pocket. Check with your insurance and get it in writing! So i’m afraid removal won’t be covered. That’s why i mentioned the diet first!

Thanks – really appreciate this!

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