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Hello @davearnatt,

I’m so glad you found us on Connect, and I want to assure you that you will get the much needed support, information, and good wishes from this community.

I found a great article about Linx device, and studies conducted by Mayo Clinic; you can view it here: http://mayocl.in/2id4OSV
@carolynlivingjaks, @saucy, I see that you have discussed the Linx device as well; do you have some insight for @davearnatt?

Although the eligibility criteria may vary, I would also encourage you to take a look at this clinical trial being conducted at Mayo’s campuses in Arizona and Minnesota: http://mayocl.in/2jcpFV1

In the meantime, I’d like to introduce you to a few members who have posted about LRP (also known as Silent Reflux); please meet @smorford, @davehudsn, @stardisc, @cowboy1997, @kaystrand, @ptfitzy.

@davearnatt, has your doctor recommended regular endoscopy exams or other tests to monitor changes to the esophagus? What lifestyle changes have you had to make?

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Thanks again for connecting me to so many great people! I am going in for my second endoscopy in the next few weeks and have an esophageal manometry scheduled for April. Things don’t look too bad now (redness, irritation in back of throat) however I understand that long term irritation, even mild, will lead to gradually worse problems…

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