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Anyone out there with Thymoma/Thymic Carcinoma

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It has been a busy summer it seems…a lot of babysitting…this week for example had the 3 that live nearby for 3 days next week the one that just graduated is coming down for a week that will be fantastic !!! He has been so busy ,getting ready for college, that I have not seen him much.but it has all added to my stress levels. My pain has increased A LOT and all this humidity has made my breathing almost impossible. I have Dr. appts first of Sept I guess they had planned for Oct. but I really didn’t feel I could wait that long

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Hi Allison, @allisonsnow

Thanks for checking in with us. I’m so pleased that you are getting to see your grandchildren, I can tell that you are enjoying that. I am sorry to hear about your breathing problems and increased pain, though. Stress and hot weather can certainly can add a new dimension to health problems. Perhaps you will get more time to rest this coming week – high school grads are easier to entertain than little ones. I’m glad to hear that you can get in to see your doctor earlier than originally planned. I’m sure that you will feel better after you talk with him/her. Will you keep us posted as to how you are doing?