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Anyone out there with Thymoma/Thymic Carcinoma

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I had a thymoma removed April 21st, 2016.

It all started in January of 2016, I was having shortness of breath. I was first told it was my gallbladder and had surgery to remove it in February. When the shortness of breath continued, I was told it was anxiety. Knowing something was wrong, I went back to the clinic several times, finally pleading for further testing, a simple chest X-ray revealed a mass in my chest, a CT confirmed a baseball sized mass that was pushing up against my heart and lungs, causing the shortness of breath. I was scheduled for surgery with a cardiothoracic surgeon a week later. I was staged at a thymoma b2/b3. The tumor was encapsulated, except one small area of concern. The local pathologist felt there were some abnormal cells in that area. The local oncologist felt there was no concern. I decided to get a second opinion at Mayo. The first oncologist at Mayo felt radiation was a must. The radiation oncologist felt monitoring was a more appropriate approach due to my young age and the increase risk of other cancers with radiation. Because of these two separate recommendations, my case was brought to a board of oncologists. The final decision was to monitor by CT scan every 6 months. My first scan was clear. (Yay!) They said a thymoma is most likely to return within the first 2-5 years after resection. I am scheduled for my next follow up scan in April.

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I go back for scans in april as well ! My cancer was also discovered from a cough that wouldn't go away no matter what they gave me. I totally agree with Shelly that you need to do a lot of research on your own to really get to know this cancer and your options but the more people that speak up and share the easier it will be. With a cancer this rare that is just recently being given more $ for research there is no "right answer" most of the time. Find what you feel is right for you , listen to your Dr.s but ALWAYS ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF if you don't agree say so if you have questions ASK if not your Dr. then here or sites like this one. The only thing I try to avoid are the people that tell me about "a cure" the Dr. don't want us to know about etc. a bunch of foolishness !!!! Or people that have a friend who has a cousin that knows someone who...... you get the picture. people are trying to help.....it just isn't any help.
Any thing you want to know about my journey just ask.