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End of stem pain after total hip replacement

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I had a complete hip replacement in 2015 due to arthritis. I'm 51 years old.
All was well with my replacement until I started having pain in my mid thigh area for about a year now. It is a deep pain......hard to describe.....and noticeable when I put pressure on my leg, walk up stairs and also if I shift positions quickly. It is not always obvious but there are times when it comes on suddenly and the pain is so great it almost puts me on my knees.
I am an active person and exercise. I bicycle, swim, hike and do yoga. I am finding that exercise does not bring about symptoms and I refrain from exercise when there seems to be a flare up in the pain. I have not discussed the pain with my orthopedic doc. yet. I'm sure he would suggest physical therapy. I know that the left side of my body is weaker than the other and have been doing exercises for strengthing. So I'm not sure how helpful additional therapy would be.
I have been researching end pain. And the information I have found is very medical technical. What I did get out of it was that end pain seems relate to whether or not the replacement was cemented. And the findings showed that there was no difference in the pain experienced whether it was ananterior or posterior surgery. I need to find out if mine was cemented.
For me, right now, I'm am living with and working through the pain. I only take motrin 800 for pain and I try to limit how much I take....I like my kidneys and liver.
I know I'm not being much help here in providing usable info. but I guess it's reassuring to know there are others out there.
One thing I can also say is that after my surgery, my orthopedic doc said I seem to have soft bones which prompted me to get a bone scan. The scan revealed that I was within normal range. So I am not certain this is a contributing factor but I dont know what normal range is.......am I on the very edge of the low range?
I would like to have a better idea of what I dealing with because I maybe looking a a right hip replacement soon and I dont think I could live with this end pain in both legs.
Best wishes to all!

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Do you still have the pain after 4 years? I have to work for medical insurance and just to survive. I cannot afford to take more time off for fear of losing my job so I suspect I will have to live with it. I work as a mechanic and due to my condition I am finding it difficult to do many jobs which were a piece of cake before.