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End of stem pain after total hip replacement

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xrays will not help. you need a bone scan

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I read your post above and it is just like what I am going through. Do you have any updates from your post in Feb?
I had my THR in 2017, and had the persistent bone pain at the stem. 1.5 years later I was given the bone scan and it confirmed the stem was moving. My doctor said he had never had a patient have this issue. Aug 2018 I had the revision done. The surgeon said I had no bone growth around the implant. He was expecting to have trouble getting the implant out, but it came out with no issue, suggesting that my body did not grow any bone around the implant. He drilled further down the femur and put in a different implant. He told my husband after surgery that he put cement in this time, however in my follow up he said he did not put cement in it. I was non weight bearing for 7 weeks, and now I am in PT. Sunday I woke up feeling the familiar pain down where the new stem would be. I just finished with my PT session, and he spent a great deal of time working on my muscles. He could not find any knots where I am having pain. I had to abruptly stop PT because the pain was too bad. I am calling the doc today to get an appointment. My husband found this thread, and your post stood out to me. Please let me know if you have found a doctor that can help. I am 39 and not ready to give up on my active life style.