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End of stem pain after total hip replacement

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I have osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease in my back. I have had bilateral total knee replacements in 2001, L5/S1 anterior lumbar interbody fusion in 2004, C3/C4 anterior interbody fusion in 2009, L1/L5 Posterior lumbar interbody fusion in 2009, Left total shoulder replacement in 2014, right total shoulder replacement in 2016, right total hip replacement in 2017. My recovery from the hip replacement was phenominal and I don't have complaints regarding the hip. I have been having issues with my back, had an MRI of the lumbar done in Dec 2017 which caused my back pain to get progressively worse. I had a caudal injection (Steroids) on 12/20/17, went to the ER had an x-ray and CT of the thoracic spine on 1/5/18, was told I had a compression fracture at T8 and/or an infection. Saw a neurosurgeon on 1/9/18 and was admitted to the hospital with intractable back pain. Had another MRI but of the Thoracic spine, to rule out the infection and possible fracture. Results are no fracture or infection. So went back to pain management, Had a"trigger point" injection at the T8 spot, immediately felt relief. Had Epidural Spinal Injections done on 01/30/18 at the T8 level and the Sacral-iliac joints on both left & right sides. Hoping to relieve pain in back and leg. Back pain is no longer the problem I still have leg pain in the right mid thigh area. Saw pain management PA on 02/14/18, described the pain to him and he diagnosed it as "IT band" pain. I had it injected with steroids that day with absolutely no relief. Prescribed physical therapy and went on 02/ 21/18 with exercises for stretching the back & core. This does seem to help when I stand, if I do these when I first stand up, I have very little pain. If I don't do these, I have pain that knocks me to my knees (almost). I take Tylenol #4- 1-2 tabs po prn every 6-8 hours for the pain, as well as Lyrica 75 mg twice daily, sometimes it is so severe, I have to take morphine 15 mg IR for the pain. I am also a diabetic on metformin 500 mg once daily, synthyroid 100 mcg po daily, diclofenac potassium 50 mg po twice daily, lipitor 20 mg once daily, citalapram 20 mg po once daily. Any idea what could be causing the pain?

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You had quite a bit of back problems.I have a L2facture bulging disc S1L5 fusion I do have thigh pain Dr.told me lts my nerves that go into legs because of fracture are being pinched I found stretching daily works well for me ,Ice when burny pain in groin When I fractured my back I refused surgery .I have bone spurs on hip joints that hurt when I walk but when I get past the pain I can walk with walker and it does,nt hurt that much I do have a high pain tolerance and take Tamadol when needed.