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End of stem pain after total hip replacement

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@amber67 Physical therapy is always a good idea. However, I would not hesitate to seek another opinion, some place exceptional - like Mayo. Teresa

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Who do you recommend at Mayo and which location. Thank you so very much.

I too have a permanent issue from a doctor's mistake, but I ended up at Mayo in Minn, where they at least came up with a diagnosis and recommended physical therapy which I have been in weekly now for over 3 years. I assume you have never been at any Mayo site. I can only speak for the Minnesota site, but they are incredible and I work in the medical field, however not in patient care. Both times I went for two different issues but even though I have to take 3 flights to get there, I didn't hesitate to go back the second time! I''ll pray for you to make the best decisions as to where to get possible help.

They are working on getting me set up with PT. I will see how that goes. If no help, I will definitely reach out to you again for advice on coming to Mayo. I definitely do not have a problem on going there. Thank you again for responding.

Here I am again with a suggestion in case I don't see if and when you go to Mayo. I don't know where you live relative to any Mayo site, but if you have to fly, work thru Mayo's travel assistant program....I forget the formal name for it, but anyone there can direct your phone call to them. I did the first time and forgot the second time and that cost me about $350 due to last minute changes in flights which going thru Mayo, you do not encounter. I am not saying that you can't plan the whole trip in your initial plans, but regardless, they sure make things a LOT easier from the git-go!.
And if you go to the Minn site, I stayed at a hotel that bent over backwards to accommodate me and my service dog, even take me shopping for no charge. I needed to go to a post office and a drug store. I talked with the bus driver, he thought for a few minutes and I wondered why the pause as there is a post office near Mayo, but he remembered a store that had both which was even further! I went to the drug store first and told them what I needed to save time looking for what i needed then went to the PO. While still at the PO the gal came from the drug store came and told me I could pay for everything at the PO. When I got back to the bus, the driver said I wasn't gone for even 5 minutes. The hotel the first time I went was a Best Western, but they changed names I think to Cornerstone (?) but they are only a few blocks from Mayo with complimentary breakfast, a pool, an exercise room, etc, transportation to Mayo,and a great restaurant attached called" Twigs". If the hotel name is incorrect, tell them the name of the restaurant! @gailfaith

OMG thank you so very much for that wonderful information. I had nooooo idea even where to begin. I live in TN but have heard nothing but wonderful things about the Minnesota location. I just got a call from PT and go tomorrow. If no ideas there I will definitely follow your lead and make plans for a plane ride . Thanks

Amber. Let me know how things go at Mayo in MN. I am in western NC and I am considering going to Mayo in MN in a few months. I had R & L total HR in Sept & Oct. Right hip good, but Left has major issues with lifting leg to walk stairs, get in car, etc. My Ortho surgeon in Asheville is of no help. Good luck to you!

@ amber67, It is me again, gailfaith, or just Gail. Glad you are starting PT. However when I went to Mayo the first time they sent me home with a Rx for PT. So if you get to Mayo and they give you a Rx, unless you don't like the therapist you will have tomorrow, give that to him/her. Trusting you get a therapist that you not only like, but who encourages you work hard in therapy. I am sure the Lord led me to the one I have and we have a ball together. I love his smile and I work hard to see that smile. He owns the practice, is only 44 yrs old, and we have a lot in common right down to our phone numbers!!!!!!!!! I am old enuf to almost be his grandmother! I am fighting to stay out of a wheelchair, so whatever he tells me to do even at home, I do it faithfully and even keep records to show him. And if at therapy, he shows me something to do there, not expecting for me to do that home because I don't have the equipment he does, on occasion, I figure out how to do that at home also IF POSSIBLE. When I do something like that he says "That is what I love about you." But if you come up with something at home, make sure you tell your therapist to be sure you are doing it the correct way. Another prayer that you will "click" with YOUR therapist tomorrow!

I'm sorry I did not make it clear, but I am going to try PT here in TN first. If no help, I will go to MN. My muscles and tendons are totally stretched from the THR, I am on a walker all the time. My surgery was May 2016. ridiculous. I will keep you posted on what they tell me tomorrow. You keep me posted. Thanks

Yes. I'll keep you posted as well. I meant to also say we travelled to Mayo, Rochester MN in Dec. 2010 , stayed for 3 1/2 weeks for testing and surgery with Dr. Eric Dozois. My husband had gastrointestinal surgery. Colon removed. The most excellent testing, care and outcome at Mayo!!

Hi Amber, I understood what you wrote. Sorry I wan't clear in what I wrote! PT tomorrow and then maybe Mayo. Gail